Two Brothers

Two Brothers by Ben Elton

two brothers

The brutal violence portrayed in Two Brothers is not for the faint hearted. Nazi attacks on individuals are described in detail and can be disturbing. However, this may be because of how likeable the characters are, the fact that you care for them so much make these attacks difficult to read and imagine.

The most fascinating aspect of this book, I have found though, is the exploration of what Germany was like between WWI and WWII. Perhaps this is a time period you have not covered in school focusing more on the World Wars themselves, but this time period is not something you should ignore. The financial struggle, the jazz scene, the different political powers striving to become rulers gives you a new insight into how and why the Nazis were able to do such horrific things to a fragile nation.

I have also found it interesting drawing parallels between the financial depression Germany found itself in and the current recession we find ourselves in and how every nation feels the need to find a scapegoat… It’s scary to think about who we, as a nation, ‘allow’ ourselves to direct our hate towards and how, when countries find themselves in a terribly desperate situation humanity, kindness and generosity seem to get lost in our own fear and insecurities.

Well worth a read.

Updated: March 12th, 2013

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