'The whole country was tied together by radio. We all experienced the same heroes and comedians and singers. They were giants.' Woody Allen

About Us

The media and film department

  • Mrs Hackett
  • Ms Hunter
  • Mr Luhrs (lead practitioner)
  • Miss Nicholson
  • Mrs Sherwin¬†(co-ordinator of media and film)

We offer

The department offers GCSE media studies (AQA 4812) to around 130 students, and A level media studies (WJEC 2291/3291) and A level film studies (WJEC 2181/3181) to around 50 students.

We believe in

  • The importance of media literacy across the curriculum
  • Offering a place for innovation, technology and creativity
  • Working with the community
  • Creating critical readers who are able to show a theoretical understanding and debate with the media around them
  • Using contemporary texts

The ideal student of media is

  • Media aware
  • Creative
  • Able to create links between issues, media, theory and production
  • Determined and dedicated
  • Open-minded
  • Critical

We need to talk…

Ideas, complaints or praise always welcome.

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