'Newspapers are unable, seemingly to discriminate between a bicycle accident and the collapse of civilization.' George Bernard Shaw

Sexism sells?

An advertisement starring Pamela Anderson has been ruled ‘sexist and degrading to women‘. In the company’s defence they argued that the male representation was far more negative, counteracting any issues with the representation of females. Either way, the advert has now reached a far wider audience than it would, so maybe sexism does sell.


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Posted: June 6, 2013

Lego and Gender

Two great videos on gender representation and Lego. The second is especially useful for AS media students as it focuses on TV advertising.

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Posted: May 8, 2013

Press ‘pause’ now!

The promotion of the new Star Trek film seems suitbaly geeky: you’ve got to pause trailers at the right moment to get a URL to find further promotional materials. And the content in even different for different countries.

The blurry URLs are decoded at the TrekMovie website.


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Posted: April 7, 2013

Making the most of an ‘event’ audience

There are few television ‘events’ that serve up a huge audience any more. Gone are the days of soap operas in this country having audiences of over 20 million per episode, so the few large-audience events remaining can demand a lot of money from advertisers. This is why the Olympic Games is a big deal and why there’s been such a fuss about the Super Bowl in America. The BBC has some useful information and statistics about advertising at the Super Bowl for those of you studying film promotion as part of your GCSE in media, your A2 in media, or for those of you doing AS film.

Super Bowl


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Posted: February 5, 2013

2012 Film Posters

Those of you creating a film poster for your GCSE work should study these best of 2012 film posters (and the rest, discussed when you follow the link).

2012 film posters

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Posted: January 13, 2013

What are you saying?

When creating any advertisement words are vital, especially in the case of charity advertising. Here’s a good example of why a few ill-considered words can undermine a whole campaign.

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Posted: August 3, 2012

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