'The media's the most powerful entity on earth. They have the power to make the innocent guilty and to make the guilty innocent, and that's power.' Malcolm X

Netflix and the TV industry’s problem future

The Guardian has a useful article about the role of Netflix – and by extension other subscription streaming services – in disrupting the TV business model.

tv business model problem

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Posted: January 25, 2016

TV without the TV

Netflix have made quite a splash with House of Cards, and now Amazon/LoveFilm are joining in with internet-only broadcast content. Who needs a traditional broadcast route when you can use the internet? It raises an interesting question about the concept of the ‘TV channel’. Is LoveFilm a channel? Or a broadcaster with many channels? What about YouTube? If you’re studying the TV industry you should be pondering these matters carefully.


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Posted: April 21, 2013

Rules of the Platinum Age of TV

Wired.com has a great feature on TV and the issues surrounding delivery, the measurement of success, how audiences are secured and lots more. Students studying the TV industry for the A2 media course should be taking careful note. Whilst the examples and statistics are American the ideas and trends are relevant.

wired tv feature

TV distribution: BBC iPlayer

Here’s a treat: amazing-looking graphs and charts from the BBC about the performance of the iPlayer platform. For those of you studying the TV industry for A2 media studies this is extremely useful context: think what it suggests about how your chosen texts are distributed and accessed. Also, what does it suggest about an issue like regulation?

The Guardian has a summary of the information about iPlayer performance.

The original BBC PDF is not a tricky read and is much more fun.

bbc iplayer jan 2013

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Posted: March 4, 2013

The DRM Chair

Okay, digital media files aren’t furniture, but this video makes a point about DRM (digital rights management) that is worth pondering. In this case, the chair is limited to being used 8 times…

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Posted: March 3, 2013

BBC to put iPlayer first

Not everyone is at it: Netflix are leading the way with the move towards a complete collapse of traditional broadcast models and now the BBC are trialling the use of iPlayer for the first broadcasting of programmes to be later shown via conventional methods. Streaming / on-demand via the internet looks increasingly like the future of all TV distribution.

bbc iplayer

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Posted: February 9, 2013

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