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Year 11: Music Press Exam

Miss Hurdley is offering drop in sessions in room 4 for GCSE media studies on

  • Monday 3rd June 8.45 – 10.15
  • Tuesday 4th June 1.30 – 3.00
  • Wednesday 5th June 11 – 12.30

If you have questions, want some encouraging suggestions, or need to know if you’re preparing properly come along.


Posted: May 6, 2013

Labelling pop music

If you want to sound like you know current music what could be more useful than a glossary of the pop music genres of 2012? Some of them are almost certainly made up, but it does raise the interesting notion of categorisation and how offensive (an embarrassing?) it can be to get them mixed up. Does everything have to be labelled?

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Posted: July 4, 2012

Word – victim of the times?

Word magazine is to close, perhaps an indicator of how precarious the position of many print magazines has become. Like Smash Hits before it, Word’s publisher has found it increasingly difficult to sustain a profitable magazine; however worthy the magazine, they are there to make money.

It does run slightly contrary to the news that niche, independent publications are flourishing, even in a world of finger-swipes and appazines.

Maybe what we’re seeing is not the death of the print magazine industry but an evolutionary adjustment; certain types of magazine are doomed, but that doesn’t mean the format is going to disappear any time soon.

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Posted: July 4, 2012

NME Front Covers

The Observer has a feature on NME front covers in celebration of its 60th anniversary, which is both generally interesting and specifically useful to those of you preparing for the 2013 exam on the music press. It offers useful historical information about the NME, its readers and the music at the times mentioned.

You could compare the covers to the NME website:


Posted: February 26, 2012