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Age ratings on music videos?

The BBFC is proposing a system of age ratings for online music videos and Google/YouTube are reportedly supportive.

age rating music videos

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Posted: January 14, 2014

Here’s how to do it

Making a rock video? Here’s a post-modern rock video template. (No captions for the black and white sequences, though, despite being just as clich├ęd.) Lots of fun, and educational.

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Posted: May 28, 2013

Making a music video

Here’s a video:

Here’s the making of:

Here’s the unedited version:


Posted: December 18, 2012

Music video insights

Hurtwood House, a very fancy public school with an amazing reputation for the creative arts, is running a music video competition. The deadline is quite soon – 6th August 2012 – but the video clips associated with the competition are very useful for those of you planning your A2 music videos.


Posted: July 25, 2012

Music videos: dangerously sexy?

Are music videos part of a broader media landscape that is damaging to children as a consequence of the sexualised content?

Would age-ratings help to better regulate music videos?

Is it pointless when Ofcom issues warnings about music videos on TV when younger viewers especially are online consumers of music videos?

Are music videos ‘like soft porn’, or do they just reflect the broader reality that popular music is driven by an interest in sexual relationships?

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Posted: June 8, 2012