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Rules of the Platinum Age of TV

Wired.com has a great feature on TV and the issues surrounding delivery, the measurement of success, how audiences are secured and lots more. Students studying the TV industry for the A2 media course should be taking careful note. Whilst the examples and statistics are American the ideas and trends are relevant.

wired tv feature

Social media and the news

If you’re a news broadcaster, social media is both a friend and an enemy. On one hand you’ve got the challenge of remaining relevant when news stories are more likely to be broken by the users of services such as Twitter or Facebook. On the other you’ve got a wealth of material from which you can create content: eye witness accounts, audio, photographs and video. The trouble is, somebody somewhere owns the content (although exactly who could be open to dispute) and there is no established means of clearing copyright. If you’ve got a breaking news story like a helicopter crash in London, do you hold back images until copyright clears, or consider the material to be already in the public domain and so ignore the issue?

The Guardian’s Lisa O’Carroll has a very useful article considering the issue of social media and newsgathering.

social media and the news




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Posted: January 16, 2013

The internet is bad for you

Follow the links above, and the ones they provide and make up your own mind. Other than being generally interesting it’s useful for A2 media in terms of audience consumption of media as well as AS media and the representation of an issue.

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Posted: July 11, 2012