'It's the audience which is the real product of the media, and not the programmes.' Len Masterman

Working in Advertising

Adam Cleaver, of London Collective a creative marketing firm, visited us recently to discuss the work of his company and the world of marketing. He told us that he has a degree in American Studies and started off as a copywriter and that an ability to write and think creatively are assets to those who are keen on getting into marketing. He told us about other career opportunities in the industry, from creative to organisational, writing to building sets and filming.


Adam showed us several short films that Collective London have worked on, including Battlefield 3, InFAMOUS Second Son and Crysis 2. He also showed us the My Independent Bookshop website that is a great place to post recommendations for books and to choose novels through others’ recommendations.



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Posted December 16, 2014