Bienvenue, Bienvenidos, Willkommen, Welcome, Huānyíng!

It’s good to see you! We are passionate about languages. The MFL faculty at Robert Smyth School is an exciting place to learn. We hope that this website gives you a flavour of what we are about. We offer French, Spanish, German and Mandarin.

Let us know if you want to find out more.

Faculty Aims

  • To provide a broad language learning experience.
  • To heighten awareness of the nature of language learning and the language learning process.
  • To broaden cultural awareness.
  • To provide the skills required to succeed in examination and equip students with valuable languages skills for future employment opportunities.
  • To promote a positive attitude to language study.
  • To ensure students have a feeling of success and progression appropriate to their level.
  • To encourage students to carry on with language study post 14 and 16.
  • To play an active role in contributing to cross-curricular themes and improving literacy, thinking skills, ICT, key skills and enrichment.


We offer Mandarin as an enrichment opportunity. Students will register in September and prepare for the internationally recognised Hanban HSK level 1 proficiency test in Chinese.