KS5 Languages

Key Stage Five French, Spanish and German

In common with other A level courses at Robert Smyth School there are 6 lessons per week for these plus 1 session with a Foreign Language Assistant.

Higher tier GCSE students (gaining B and above) are encouraged to consider AS and A2 languages. We offer the AQA courses in both French, Spanish and German. After a bridging programme of half a term, students start the AS course proper. The bridging course is designed to enable students to build on the skills gained at GCSE, and equip them with the necessary study skills to succeed at AS.

AS Level Topics

  • Family & relationships
  • Health
  • Leisure
  • Media

A2 Level Topics

  • Science and technology
  • Racism / Multiculturalism / Integration
  • Crime and punishment
  • Distribution of wealth (poverty, social security, third world)
  • 2 cultural topics from:
    • A geographical area
    • A period of history
    • An author
    • An artist / film director / architect
    • A poet / dramatist


  • AS Module 1 – Reading, listening and an essay paper
  • AS Module 2 – Speaking exam*
  • A2 Module 3 – Reading, listening, essays and translating
  • A2 Module 4 – Speaking exam*

* external examiner

In all areas you will be marked on fluency, skills in reporting & discussion, ability to interact and take the lead, pronounciation, intonation, and grammar and accuracy.


  • AQA Nelson Thornes
  • Elan 1&2 + grammar workbooks
  • Authentik listening + reading exam practice
  • Phillip Allan workbooks
  • Zeitgeist 1&2 books
  • Animo grammar workbooks
  • Specifications
  • Aim Higher Cards