Mandarin is currently offered as an enrichment opportunity.

It has been highlighted as one of the languages which will become highly sought after by businesses in order to respond to new economic realities.

Students register in September and have the option to sit the HSK1 or HSK2 exam. This is an internationally recognised examination designed to assess the Chinese language proficiency of non-native speakers. The exams test a variety of language skills including writing, listening and reading. The exam is not compulsory, students can just come along and enjoy the lessons delivered by native speakers.

The programme is delivered through the De Montfort Confucius Institute.

Youth exchange programme

The Rotary club organise youth exchanges programmes and international camps. We have had students participating to both and have had fantastic experiences. You can find more on their website

Trips and links

We also do our utmost to organise trips to France, Germany or Spain and we have a strong link with the Otto Hahn Gymnasium in Saabr├╝cken.

Language leader at KS5

The Foreign Language Leader Award teaches young people how to lead others through basic languages activities by working to develop their communication, organisation and motivational skills. It will take approximately 30 hours in one year to complete.

The programme involves supporting peers in the classroom and helping during MFL events. You can come up with your own idea, for example run a lunch time club for younger students. You will also prepare and deliver a presentation as well as teach a lesson in a primary school.

This is a great add on to your UCAS statement.

Work experience at KS5

Some of our students chose to go on work experience abroad and have arranged their placement with Halsbury. They have several options and a range of prices depending on date, location and accommodation. Students can travel together if they book at the same time and specify that they want to be together at the time of booking. Halsbury is solely responsible for the organisation of these trips and you need to contact them directly if interested.

Trip Photographs

» French Trip 2010

» Barcelona Trip 2009