In year 9, you will carry on with the language(s) you have studied in year 8. If you intend to work with languages in the future, picking two languages is worth considering as double linguists offer more flexibility and are therefore more attractive to an employer.

New GCSE assessment

Examination Board: AQA.

Key points:

  • The qualifications are linear, meaning students sit all their exams at the end of the course. (no coursework or controlled assessments)
  • Each skill (Listening / Speaking / reading / Writing) is worth 25%.
  • The course content is based around 3 themes:
  • Theme 1: Identity and culture.
  • Theme 2: local, national, international and global areas of interest.
  • Theme 3: Current and future study and employment.
  • GCSE languages have a Foundation Tier (grades 1 – 5) and a Higher Tier (grades 4 – 9). Students must enter for all four skills at the same tier.

New grading explained:

  • 1-9 replacing A* to G
  • 7+ same proportion as currently getting A/A*
  • 5   Current low B, upper C
  • 4   Same proportion as currently getting C
  • 1   Bottom of current G